A better photo of Latitude Adjustment demonstrating the “hurricane hole” aspects of our marina.

We met 3 other boats here in the same situation, i.e. traveling and ducking into this marina to wait out the storm. We all decided to stay on our boats to protect them rather than retreat to a hotel room.

The scary thing is the remainder of the 60 odd boats here are permanent residents and we didn’t see any of them coming around to secure their boats. The boat behind us seems reasonably secure but if a few boats become loose there could be a domino effect.

The local weatherman here predicted 30-40 kt winds but as the track moved a little west he now predicts 30-50 kt. Boats at 50 kts are probably safer at sea (nothing to crash into) but the seas are expected to be 22 ft. I don’t think I want to do that.

The storm is expected to hit us tomorrow night but if it hits or is still going during the day I’ll try to get some videos or at least photos.

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2 Responses to Waiting

  1. Jane and Larry says:


    Beautiful picture! Our US fleet (carrriers and warships) left Norfolk to weather the storm in the ocean but they’re a tad heavier than your boat. We’re glad you’re staying put and not in a motel.

    When we stayed with the Groverbuilt at a marina in Plantation Key, the harbor master had discretion with the boats left there. We know because we got a black rub rail smudge on a permanent resident’s boat so we went with our bikes to West Marine to buy compound and wax to fix it with his authorization. Maybe your harbor master has discretion to secure the permanent residents’ boats!


    • Alan says:

      Even if the dockmaster had authorization I doubt he would do anything. There are 60 boats here, would take forever for one person to secure them all properly. Even if he did he would be opening himself up to liability claims for damaged boats. The plaintiff’s attorney would say he didn’t secure them properly.

      Anyway I’ll know in a few more hours how secure the boats are.

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