What ever happened to Prologue?

I became nostalgic for my favorite boat Prologue. She was the boat we cruised and lived on for three years.

Prologue’s itinerary

I did an internet search and found her. She was sailed to France where she was put up for sale. I don’t know where she is now. If anyone does, please leave a comment.

French ad for sale of Prologue II


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Floating home sold

Our floating home has sold. We are now living in Vancouver, Wa (still overlooking the Columbia River).

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The End

As I’ve not been doing much traveling lately, I’ve been wondering why I maintain a travel blog. It seems to have turned into more of a personal blog. I can probably do that easier on Facebook.

While I won’t be posting much if anything in the future I’m going to continue maintaining the website. I hope visitors find the details of our sailing experiences interesting as well as other links and previous posts.

I’m still anxious to hear comments and feedback so feel free to do so.

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Finally ready

Janice’s website is finally ready. http://jjkay.net
Her childrens’ e-books are free on Amazon from 1/4-1/8. Please write a review.

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Janice’s writing

I’m working on a new website to display Janice’s books. It’s still under construction and might change drastically. Janice is thinking about starting a blog in which case the current design wouldn’t be suitable.

Any comments would  be appreciated.

The address is: http://jjkay.net

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Found the links

I guess I wasn’t “down” for too long. Thank god for Google. Apparently migrating to a different server breaks the “permalinks”. Restoring them is easy if you have the right information.

Guess I’ll be here longer than I thought. Just waiting for something to write about.


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Missing links

I recently changed website hosts and during the transfer it seems all my links have been broken. I’ll do my best to get them back, otherwise that’s the end of the blog.

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Sea Pal for sale

After much soul searching we’ve decided to sell our C-Dory Sea Pal. We just weren’t using her enough to justify keeping her. Especially since we’ll have to move her to a marina after we move to a land house.

We’ll miss her but we’re looking forward to buying an RV and going land cruising again.

To see the details: //www.catcruising.net/sea-pal-for-sale/


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Janice’s new book

Janice published her first children’s book on Amazon:


hurricane duty

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Boats we’ve had (enough already?)


NoName (Cal 2-24-stock photo)


S/V Windseeker (Catalina 27-stock photo)



S/V Prologue (Nauticat 44 Schooner)


S/V Sequel (Corbin 39)


UpWind anchored at Gloucester, MA

M/V Upwind (Camano 31)


S/V Uh-Oh (Flying Scot)

under sail2

S/V Latitude Adjustment (Lagoon 35)


M/V Sea Pal (C-Dory 25)

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