Back home!

Yes, you read it right. We just got back home. We awoke early to take off to Titusville. As soon as I turned on the power it became apparent the depth sounder, speed, log wasn’t working. I took it apart and found it was soaked (water) inside from the recent rains. The seal had leaked (it was 16 years old.

I could do without the speed/log, but it would be dangerous to go on with a depth sounder. One isn’t needed in the ocean but when it comes time to anchor or explore small coves they are indispensable. I suppose I could use a “lead line” like the explorers did before electronics, but I’m spoiled.

My electronics man wouldn’t come to Vero Beach so we came home. It only took us about 6 hours, but of course we got caught in another thunderstorm.

Any we’ll have a new, more modern depthsounder tomorrow and will start the trip again on Saturday (weather permitting).

Chesapeake or Bust



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3 Responses to Back home!

  1. Jane and Larry says:

    When we bought the Groverbuilt, they insisted we get a depth sounder if nothing else to take the boat from Freeport, L.I. back to Forked River, NJ. and they did so for the reasons you said. Hopefully your next trip on Saturday will go more smoothly!

  2. sheri says:

    oh no! I’ve been out of touch and didn’t realize it. thought you were happily sailing away. Keep the faith 🙂

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