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Finished porting

Took a while but the entire site is now at this address.

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Now that we’re not sailing, since I want to keep this blog active, I’ll have to come up with some filler. I hope it won’t be as inane as most Twitter tweets. Here goes: I wasn’t happy taking photos with … Continue reading

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Profound statement

“It’s better to be ashore wishing you were at sea, than at sea wishing you were ashore”.

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As mentioned in a previous post, the sailtrack (the slit at the back of the mast that holds the mainsail to the mast) pulled away from the mast near the top. Upon returning home it was felt that this was … Continue reading

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As I’m new to the blogosphere I asked for some advice from a pro friend of mine. I’ve since made some changes including the title. I’d really appreciate some comments.

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New Blog!

Unfortunately I did not have this blog during our last trip to the Bahamas. I did send out email updates to people I thought might be interested. I will reproduce those emails here. Obviously if you’re not interested don’t read … Continue reading

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